Peace by Piece is a volunteer organization collecting pieces of dishes and glassware broken during the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake, with the goal of creating mosaics for the cities of northeastern Japan that were devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.

Although many Japanese were not directly affected by the disasters, our hearts went out to those who lost their loved ones, homes, and even entire towns. Our broken dishes coming together again to make their rebuilt cities more beautiful is one way to reconnect our broken hearts.

While citizens in Ibaraki will participate in making mini-mosaics, the bulk of the artmaking will take place by citizens in the Tohoku region who wish to participate. Peace by Piece will support such communities with materials and know-how in collaboration with local artists and city officials.

In addition to the metaphor inherent in “picking up the pieces and making something new/beautiful from these,” the mural design could include the story of the tsunami and how those on higher ground survived. This then would last as a testament and lesson for future generations. The location of such a mosaic could even stand as a monument designating a safe area for citizens.