Our first sponsor

Tsukuba City will be hosting Peace by Piece’s first workshop on June 19th from 1:30 ~ 4:30 at Yukari No Mori in Tsukuba.  Since the actual department  inviting us is the Gender Equality Section, there will be free babysitting available for parents.  We’re hoping many busy mothers will take some time out for themselves to be creative and enjoy time with other adults.
Some people have asked if they can bring home their own work–so we made up this rule:  Their first mosaic should be made out of donated “earthquake dishes” and given to Peace by Piece for donation in Tohoku.  But if time permits and they have brought their own dishes to share, they can also make one to take home.   With time constraints I doubt that many people will be able to make two,  but at least everyone will have the know-how to make more at home on their own.


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