1. Peace by Piece will collect, sort, and store broken dishes and glass. This is an ongoing process that could last several months or years. Due to the limited amount of “earthquake dishes,” other ceramic and glass pieces will be included in our collections.

2. Peace by Piece will hold mosaic workshops for local schools and universities, or for other organizations that apply. (See Workshop page for more details.) These workshops will be offered while cities are being rebuilt in Tohoku.

3. As cities are rebuilt, mini-mosaics will be taken to schools or organizations in Tohoku by volunteers, who then help the children/citizens there incorporate the mini mosaics into a larger mosaic.

Other optional steps

4. Local artists in Tohoku could submit designs to their city government for mosaics in public spaces. Ordinary citizens, assisted by the artist and Peace by Piece, will create the selected mosaic projects. Mosaics could be the finishing touches for any public feature in the newly rebuilt cities; on bridges, in parks, walls or walkways, etc.

5. Our final hope is that cities most vulnerable to tsunamis will create a segmented monument in a high location, with many roads from all over town leading to those segments, to teach future generations where to go to be safe from the next tsunami. Ideally each mosaic picture in the segment would portray the town before, during, and after the events of March 11, 2011. 


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